LEDERSKINZ was established to cater to the Gay Leather and Fetish Community.  At LEDERSKINZ, we do not only provide finished products, but we also offer our customers the opportunity to participate in the creation of their special product. For this reason, we manufacture each product according to your wishes, so that it not only fits you perfectly but above all, harmonizes with your taste and lifestyle.


At LEDERSKINZ, each product is handcrafted with care about details. Our products are unique and special. Each product is made according to rigid specifications for quality and snug. For our products, we have chosen the highest quality hides from the best Italian tannery and have chosen to hand-make and finish each one using the highest quality craftsmanship and artistry.

Have you always wanted something special that you imagine or visualize? Something unique and different? Let us help you make it come true.


Still not sure what you want? Explore our creative journey and design sensibility in our exclusive collections




Unlike other artwork where the material is either canvas, paper, silk, wood, etc., at LEDERSKINZ, we use leather. Every single art piece is carried out by carving and engraving the designs on leather by hand.

If you are looking for a unique piece for your walls, we have a solution for you. These leather wall hangings display the phenomenal skill of our artist in working with leather.

Take a look through a range of our artwork that best suits your taste. . We are open to your specific wishes






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